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Hobbies in Andrew space

M y   h o b b y   p l a c e   i n   c y b e r s p a c e


Welcome to Hobby space




I have had a love affair with trains since I was a very young boy. My uncle drove steam locomotives in Sydney in the early 1960s and I got the opportunity to up cloe and personal to these brutes at a very young age.

Dad fostered my interest buying me several starter sets over the early years of my life. A Dublo set, a Hornby 0-4-0 diesel dock shunter (with a light) and several other freight and passenger cars.

Over the years I have dabbled in English OO, Australian HO, English O and American O. I am now moving finally into American N scale for two simple reasons:
1. The quality of models makes the scale practical for modellers to switch and portay true slow running.
2. I am not a millionaire and I want to run reasonable length trains in an urban setting. And for me N scale offers that opportunity.

I am also into realistic operation for model layouts after being introduced to author Bruce Chubb's book in 2003.


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