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The family Martin

O u r   f a m i l y   p l a c e   i n   c y b e r s p a c e


Welcome to the family


I am  a very lucky fellow. I have the pleasure of escorting through life my very beautiful wife, Jan and on that journey so far we have added one daughter Alexandra. Perhaps if the gods fate us in the future we'll have some more little one's join us on the journey. I certainly hope so.

Jan, Mom, Mum, Wife, Friend and artist

Jan is my best friend and my best mate too. She is an extremely creative person who has worked in roles as diverse as a program coordinator for a capitol city Parks and Rec department and as an administrative support for several Texas state Agencies. She worked at a major Australian university assisting the professors and Ph.D candidates in their research while we lived in Australia.

She is a patchworker and has sewn, by hand, all of Alex's blankets both as a baby and for her early years of child care and pre-school. She is a knockout lady. I love her very much.

Alexandra, Alex, Lexie

Alex is the best daughter. She indulges her father's love of model trains, books and science fiction. At just five she is already a most accomplished artist. She has a great eye for colour and perspective which she obviously gets from her Mum.

Annecdote: Jan has a framed watercolour of Alex's that was painted by her when she was only 18 months old. It hangs in her office and has prodded several people to ask Jan where she bought that lovely painting!

I am very proud of my girl and try to be a good dad. Training wheels firmly affixed still however.

Andrew, Dad, Husband and geek

My first name is Ian. But I prefer Andrew which is my middle name. I am a network administrator for a capitol city agency and have over 20 years in the telephony and technology industries.

I have also worked in the public relations and marketing area for high technology clients. I write, photograph, design webpages and my favourite hobby is model trains.


More info?

You simply have to drop by for a chat and a cuppa around tea time (basically enytime after breakfast most weekends).


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