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7mm Heave - the best place to go 'O' on the web.
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Welcome to 7mm Heaven

The place to go for O!

What are we about?

7mm Heaven is about finding the tools, skills, motivation and help you need to get started, or get going in 7mm: 1 foot scale: O gauge.

As we grow we intend to bring you unbiased reviews on: Kits - Parts - Products - Techniques

Add links, resources, articles, newsletters, discussion groups and whatever else you think you need to give you a satisfying O gauge experience.

For New Modellers and Converts to O Gauge

7mm Heaven is the place to start for those new to model railroading and or 7mm O gauge modeling. As time goes by we will have workshops, seminars and other activities for you to learn about:

Big models, not big budget

This is a hobby and it should be fun. 7mm Heaven knows that money is always tight so we will focus on first efforts as well as those for more experiences and cashed up modellers.

With the right products, prototypes and products you can achieve a lot more for a lot less in 7mm scale. And remember that bigger models have "trundle-ability". A certain look-rightness that smaller scales cannot match.

Model railway's is one arena where size does matter. Besides which, bigger models are more fun.

Interested in submitting an Article, Photo or drawing?

We are looking for submissions from Authors along the lines mentioned above.

If you have a submission ready for publication please send a synopsis of the article to this email address for consideration.






Laying track



Scenery and more.


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