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Like to know more about 7mm Heaven?

Who are we?

Right now, using the royal personage, we are one person. My name is Andrew Martin.

A lifelong modeller of all things railway I turned to O gauge in the early 1980's. Due to family troubles modelling got a back seat for about 12 years and all of my models lay in boxes waiting to be reclaimed.

In 1994, with a new marriage, a more settled lifestyle and room to model, saw all of my stock come out again. Since then, I have moved countries from Australia to the United States where I currently reside. We have added to the family and our daughter is an avid reader of Australian Model Railway Magazine, Kalmbach's Model Railroader and Peco Publications Railway Modeller.

My two year old daughter sits down with me when each of my railway magazines arrive and settles down to read (and I do mean read) through them, ooing and aahing at all of the photos, drawings and adverts. (Not bad eh, much to mum's disgust.)

What do I do for a living?

I am a Systems Administrator with a major foodservice company. (I run the computers and the on site and remote networks for the Central and South Texas area.)

I also design web sites (like this one) for companies and other organisations specialising in Modelling. I also do other consulting work for company's who need to determine how successful there web sites have been.

If you need my services email me to see what can be arranged.

What do I model?

I have always loved the railways of the New South Wales coalfields. The South Maitland Railway and the Richmond Vale Railway being two of my favourite private owner lines. I like to model the quaint little industrial lines and their locomotives and stock.

I feel that this sort of modelling is essential to break up the vanilla of the main lines being modelled. I do enjoy the lines developed by those modellers in Model Railroader. These lines, which for the most part never existed, are based on real practice and real operations but provide the modeller with a variety that may never have existed in real life.

Often they provide the owner with the ability to run things in model form that never ran in the areas modelled in real life.

My focus is on two main areas:

  1. English practice on the Scottish highland lines during the 1970's, and
  2. Australian practice in the present era, albeit on a divergent (read freelance) historical path.

Apart From Railways?

Modelling of tanks and figures are my primary outside interests in the modelling stakes. I also do the occasional submarine. If you are interested in seeing more on these subjects then I suggest that you visit the following club home pages:

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