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Copyright is the right, expressed under law by the creator(s) of a artistic or creative work, to its ownership.

By stating their ownership under law to the works they produce creators enable themselves to make a living through sales of the rights of these works. Where rights implies that a user has the right to use a creation for a period of time, or for a specific purpose. For the use of these rights the user pays a fee.

This is similar to the fee you pay for the right to use the software that runs your computer, allows you to play games, etc. (Come on you didn't think Microsoft would give it away did you?)

Copyright is denoted by the use of the word - Copyright -  or a symbol shown as (c), or where the letter 'c' is enclosed in a circle . The Copyright symbol denotes that the creator of the work is expressing their rights to the ownership of the work and that unauthorised copying, publishing or performance of that work is in violation of their rights, and the law, unless an agreement is entered into to lease the work for a period of time.

Here is an example:

All text, and images so marked, are Copyright 1999-2000 Andrew Martin and Martin & Martin Communications. All other text or images not marked as above are the copyright of their respective owners and where used have been given attribution.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. No unauthorised use of the copyrighted text or images on this page is allowed without the express permission of the publisher, or owner.

So what's this mean to me?

As a user of this site you are given access to the site, and allowed to view its content, on a zero-fee basis. (This does not include the cost of your access costs to connect to your own ISP.) The creator of the work presented here, on this site, maintains the ownership of the work that you view at all times.

You, as a user, are not authorised to copy, republish or in any other way take content from this site and use it in any way without the express written permission, usually in the form of a contract for services rendered, of the creator, publisher or the agents of these said parties.

To gain an access license to use this content please follow this link to send mail to the webmaster who can provide you with more information regarding how to secure publishing, or reprinting rights to content on this site.

Mostly, we want to maintain that the information presented here is only displayed on sites where it is appropriate, and that does not break our code of ethics. Just let us know what site, and what purpose you intend to put the work(s) too. Pretty simple really.

Thanks for your assistance. By making sure I make a living with my craft, you make sure there is content for you to use.

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