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Space Requirements

While larger than HO or OO scale in size O Scale's ability to fill up space means you can start with fewer pieces of rolling stock that will achieve the same effect as lots of rolling stock in the smaller scales.

The flipside of O scales ability to fill up space is its ability to eat up space where a mainline is being modelled. The length required to model large mainline runs can be phenomenal. However, for branchlines, industrial layouts and other small space layouts, pioneered over the years by Ian Rice amongst others,  O scale is ideal.

On a small layout the cost of setting up can be significantly less than it would be in the smaller scales.

You may have to build most, if not all, of your models. The skills required for building in O scale are no different to what you need to make a plane, tank, or car.

Fewer models mean that the level of detail can be much greater. The same can be said for the scenic work too.

The final payoff: being bigger, fine detail in O scale is easier to achieve. Ever tried putting scale 3-link or screw-link on an N scale model?

O Gauge Dimensions

Scale: 7mm=1 Foot

Ratio:      1:43.5

Track Gauge:      32mm

Wheel Gauge:      29.2mm

Track Centre Spacing:      44mm

Platform height:      21mm

Overhead Clearance:      105mm

Outside Clearance:      52mm

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