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May 2000 - Industrial Muscle

A rebuild:
The image on the left is from a locomotive rebuilder, this unit is similar in style to the project Plymouth locomotive.

The details of the rebuild are simply uncanny and I did not see this image until early in February 2000.

I think if I were to fully rebuild another of the Plymouths I would aim for a look something like this one.

Mining Loco:
This second image is of another Plymouth. This one designed for very low height operations.

I think that with some reworking, none of which would be too hard, the Atlas offering could be turned out as an excellent mining loco.

Prototype for Everything:
A weird one from the East Broad Top Railway is a calf and cow pair. While only a four wheeled variant of the Atlas loco, it does give some ideas for you if you are looking to do a multi-unit consist.

More Miners:

The image on the left is of an electrically powered mining Plymouth. Designed to be 'sparkless' these locos work in areas where piston engines would cause fires and fume type problems.

Note: The operators position is at the far left rear of the loco.

Locomotive Rebuilders:
These next two locomotive images come from:

The first, a mining loco, the second a 50 Ton Plymouth. sells used locomotives. Check out their site by following the link above.

You'll notice the familiar look of the second photo of the yellow Plymouth.

Again it is only a four wheeled version of the model, however it is almost identical to the model in general build and style.

I think this locomotive has been sold as it has been removed from the web site. (June 2000).

Shunters (Switchers):

It is not often you get to see these types of industrial locomotives. Often they lurk in the background, located in smoky mills, grubby works or dusty diggings.

But for the smaller layout, these types of locos can come in handy. After all they provide an easy, and often freelance way to get into modelling 7mm scale.

They provide you with the opportunity to model narrow or standard gauge operations and provide fun when you build them, and long term satisfaction when you operate them.

These three images come from:

Notes:Notice the safety paint schemes.

The image to the left is from the same site as above and shows a double-ended Plymouth shunter. Provokes some interesting thoughts for a conversion, doesn't it.

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